04th July,2024 Barista Training
Posted on: 17 Aug, 2023
BARISTA TRAINING – BASIC: Introduce yourself to the world of espresso coffee. Learn the techniques of pulling espresso & steaming milk: the foundation for great lattes & cappuccinos. This is a 06 hours session in a day inclusive of lunch.

Join us on 04th July,2024 for our barista training.


  1. Barista & trainer introduced themself.
  2. Trainer starts to discuss the basic coffee-making process.
  3. Trainer provides a training book, A Coffee Chart and A Hot drinks menu
  4. Trainer shares some theoretical knowledge on Classic Hot drinks.

Work on field or practically working with Machine:

  1. Introduction of Machine & pre-requisite of Coffee station.
  2. Trainer shares knowledge on Grinder & Machine set up for perfect shots.
  3. Teach them on proper tamping process & amount of ground coffee.
  4. Trainer gives opportunity to trainees to set up Grinder and machine as their own.
  5. Trainer shares knowledge on Milk steaming.
  6. Trainer gives opportunity to trainees for practice on milk steaming.
  7. Trainer completes a hot drinks menu.
  8. All the trainees get a big chance for practice.
  9. Trainer takes a short exam.


  1. Trainer shares knowledge on Espresso Machine cleaning Process.
  2. Teach all the trainees about the coffee station closing.
  3. Review the whole training session.
  4. Gives them an opportunity to ask questions.